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Driver Profiles

June 16, 2011

#141 Thundermart Lightning

Driver: “Rational” Richard Patrick
Hometown: Halifax
Occupation: Student
Car Owner: Ken Zwicker
Crew Chief: Ken Zwicker
Car: ’98 Neon
Sponsors: Hilltop Auto Repair, Covey’s Auto Recyclers, Cheachie’s Bar and Grill, Parts Source Dartmouth
Career Highlights/Accomplishments: Rookie season, honor student
Hobbies: Soccer, chess, piano, camping, acting, ping pong, tennis.
What would others be surprised to know about you?: I used to figure skate – but even then it was all about speed!

#53 Coco Beach Legend

Driver: Shelby Baker
Hometown: Fall River
Occupation: Student (High School)
Car Owner: Darrin Butcher
Crew Chief: Greg Baker
Car: ’34 Ford Sedan
Sponsors: Atlantic Tiltload, Top Construction, Croyden Wood Jr Fisheries
Career Highlights/Accomplishments: Bandolero Champion, first under 16 legend driver in Canada
Hobbies: Going Fast!!!

#55 Truck

Driver: Ryan Goldsmith
Hometown: Bridgewater
Occupation: Production Worker
Car Owner: Ryan Goldsmith
Crew Chief: Todd Johnson
Car: ’98 S-10
Sponsors: Snap-On Tools, Goldsmith Forestry Enterprises.

To get your crew and sponsors spotlighted on Driver Profile, make sure you have my "Announcer Information Sheet" filled out from me at the track (you can also pick one up at the pit gate should you not be able to find me) and you could be here next week on ScotiaSpeedworld.ca!